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Location: Room FB42, 4th floor AlbaNova University center, Stockholm

28 aug

8:30-9:30 Registration, Entrance hall, AlbaNova

9:30-09:35 Ramon Wyss, KTH, ‘Welcome’

9:35-10:20 Doru Delion, IFIN-HH, Bucharest, ‘30 years of Bucharest-Stockholm collaboration in the field of emission processes’

10:20-10:45 coffee

10:45-11:30 Dariusz Seweryniak, Argonne Nat Lab, ’ Superallowed apha decay into doubly-magic 100Sn’

11:30-12:15 Paramasivan Arumugam, IIT Rorkee, ‘Microscopic description of proton emission from deformed nuclei

12:15-13:30 lunch

13:30-14:15 Furong Xu, Peking University, ‘Ab initio calculations of weakly-bound and unbound nuclei’

14:15-15:00 Osvaldo Civitarese, Univ La Plata, ‘Neutrino Interactions in astrophysical systems’

15:00-15:30 coffee

15:30-16:15 Mikael Sandzelius, University of Jyväskylä, ‘Alpha and Proton spectroscopy of extremely

neutron-deficient nuclides below Z=82 using the novel MARA vacuum mode separator’

16:15-17:00 Chong Qi, KTH, ‘Collectivity of alpha decay defined by single particle units’



17:00-20:00 conference mingle (with pizza and drinks served)


29 Aug

9:00-9:45 Nicolae Sandulescu (IFIN-HH, Bucharest): Alpha-like quartet correlations and proton-neutron pairing in nuclei close to N=Z line.

9:45-10:30 Silvia Lenzi, University of Padua, ‘Structure of neutron-rich nuclei around 64Cr’

10:30-11:00 coffee

11:00-11:45 Daria Kostyleva, Justus Liebig Univ Giessen, ’ Observation and first spectroscopy of the three-proton emitter 31K’

11:45-12:30 Michelangelo Sambataro, INFN Catanai, ’ Exact T=0 eigenstates of the isovector pairing Hamiltonian’

12:30-13:45 lunch

13:45-14:30 Roderick Clark, Berkley Nat. Lab, ‘Enhancement of Alpha Particle Formation Near 100Sn’

14:30-15:15 Chang Xu, Nanjing University, ‘Alpha-cluster formation and decay in the quartetting wave function approach’

15:15-15:45 coffee

15:45-16:30 Vladimir Nedorezov, INR RAS, Moscow, ‘Fragmentation of nuclei by intermediate energy real and virtual photons’

16:30-17:15 Roberto Liotta, KTH

18:30 conf dinnner



30 Aug

9:00-9:45 Leonid Grigorenko, FLNR Dubna’, ‘Theoretical and experimental studies of two- and four-nucleon decays’

9:45-10:30 Robert Page, Univ of Liverpool, ‘Recent progress in spectroscopy of heavy nuclei beyond the proton drip line’

10:30-11:00 coffee

11:00-11:45 Alexandru Dumitrescu, IFIN-HH Bucharest,  ‘Theoretical investigation of α-like quasimolecules in heavy nuclei’

11:45-12:30 Junchen Pei, Univ Peking, ‘Dynamical continuum effects in TDHF and QRPA’

12:30-13:45 lunch

13:45-14:15 Yibin Qian, Nanjing University of Science and Technology,’Insight into α clustering of proton-rich nuclei via their α decay’

14:15-14:45 Luis Sarmiento, Lund University,’ Proton decay of 53Co revisited’

14:45-15:45 coffee

15:45 - END