International symposium on "Fundamentals of Nuclear Particle Decay"
August 28-30, 2019, Stockholm

In recent years, nuclear particle decay has become one of the key observables to study exotic nuclei. New insight into clustering effects, the role of the continuum, exotic decay modes, the exploration of new super-heavy elements all rely on improved understanding of nuclear particle decay. Key players of the field will gather in Stockholm in order to address recent findings, progress in theory and experiment of nuclear particle decay modes. The workshop will also shed light on nucleosynthesis, where in particular the r-process as well as the rapid proton capture sensitively depend on decay and capture models.

The ambition of the workshop is to take stock of present standing in experiment and theory of particle decay. The workshop will gather experts in the field to shed new light on fundamentals of particle decay.

Organizing Committee

Bo Cederwall (KTH, Stockholm,
Maria Doncel (University of Liverpool, UK,
Roberto Liotta (KTH, Stockholm,
Ayse Atac Nyberg (KTH, Stockholm,
Johan Nyberg (Uppsala University,
Chong Qi (KTH,
Ramon Wyss (KTH, Stockholm,

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Location: The AlbaNova University center locates at the northern end of the KTH main campus, Stockholm (10 minutes walk from the subway station Tekniska Högskolan) Arlanda is the main airport in Stockholm. To come from Arlanda to Stockholm Central, you can take an air coach (Flygbussarna) or fast train (Arlanda express). The fare for a taxi from Arlanda to Stockholm is usually fixed and is around 500 kr (60 Euro).

Supported by the Wenner-Gren foundation and KTH.

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