Dr. Chong Qi 
Researcher, KTH
E-address:  cqi.pku_at_gmail.com, chongq_at_kth.se
(Please send me a message again if I did not answer. It happened that emails got lost.)
Tel:  +46 8 55378210

Department of Physics, Royal Institute of Technology
AlbaNova University Center,
10691, Stockholm

Basic Information

Home address in Stockholm: Kometvägen 149, SE-18348 Täby
Date of Birth: 28th April, 1983
Place of Birth: Jinan, Shandong, China
Marital Status: Married, two children
Ph.D. degree: July, 2009, from Peking University, China
Postdoc: August, 2009-December 2011, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Languages:  Chinese, English and a little bit Japanese and Swedish

Research Interests

  • Nuclear force and the construction of effective force from the underlying nucleon-nucleon interaction
  • Structure, beta decay and symmetry of atomic nuclei
  • Alpha and cluster decay properties of heavy nuclei
  • Continuum effects in nuclei
  • Large scale nuclear shell-model diagonalization and computational techniques
  • Pairing and seniority coupling schemes
  • Teaching

    Theoretical Nuclear Physics
    Reading courses (Scattering theory, Symmetry in Physics, Quantum Mechanical Many body Problem)

    Close collaborators

    Furong Xu (PKU, Beijing), Roberto J. Liotta (KTH, Stockholm), Ramon A. Wyss (KTH, Stockholm), Bo Cederwall (KTH, Stockholm), Torbjörn Bäck (KTH, Stockholm) and many others