The participants are expected to take care of their own accommodation. There are quite a few hotels within walking distance from the conference venue, typically costing 80-150 Euros/night. The nearest one is called Elite Hotel Arcadia ( and the address is Körsbärsvägen 1, 114 23 Stockholm. You may find a list of nearby hotels and good suggestions from KTH ( and online service like

Guest houses are also available at a lower price. Matsällskapet ( can be reached by bus and subway. The Wenner Gren center ( may also be a good choice.

In case of problems with your hotel reservation please contact Chong Qi

To find accommodation, please visit

Some tips:

Walking distance to Albanova

Elite Hotel Arcadia

Wenner-Gren Center

Budget alternatives

Hotel Micro

Biz Apartment Gärdet

Vanadis Hotel & Bad



Elite Hotel Arcadia Stockholm (1258 SEK/night incl breakfast)
Körsbärsvägen 1
114 23 Stockholm
Phone:+46 8 566 215 00
10 minutes walk to the conference 
- see map
Public transportation (Bus) 
- see map

Room reservation:
Please email: 
If payment by invoice, please e-mail details five days before the arrival.

Scandic Park Karlavägen (1168 - 2190 SEK/night incl breakfast)
Karlavägen 43
102 46 Stockholm
Phone: +46 8-517 348 00
How to get to the conference:
Public transportation (Bus + walk) 
- see map
25 minutes walk to the conference  
- see map

Room reservation:
Please email:
If payment by invoice, please e-mail details five days before the arrival.



For any questions or inquiries please contact:
✉ Chong Qi (

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