Probing fundamental interactions by low energy excitations
---Advances in theoretical nuclear physics
June 05-09, 2017, Stockholm

We are pleased to announce a workshop on “Advances in theoretical nuclear physics”. The Workshop will take place at the AlbaNova University center, Stockholm during the period June 05-09, 2017. It will be hosted by the nuclear physics group at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

We intend to discuss a variety of new properties in nuclei as revealed by recent experiments. The aim is to fashion methods and techniques which would lead to the understanding of existing experimental data and to forecast properties to be probed by eventual designed experiments. In short, the workshop program includes:
- Implementation of effective, low-energy approximations to QCD and ab initio model treatments.
- Status and challenges of large-scale configuration interaction schemes.
- Interaction and energy density functional calculations.
- Neutron-proton correlations and pairing
- Nuclear clustering, radioactive decay and related processes.
- Dynamical symmetries and algebraic approaches to nuclear structure
- Review of recent experimental progress.

Registration We kindly ask everybody who are interested in the workshop to register here as soon as possible.

Registered participants can be found by clicking the link.

Traveling information: We would like to remind you that Tuesday June 06 is a national holiday in Sweden and no scientific activity will be organized.

Registration fee: The full registration is 200 euros, which includes coffee breaks, lunches and the conference dinner. The registration fee for invited speakers will be covered by the workshop. We may also be able to waive the fee for part of the PhD students and please contacts us if you need.

Programme The detailed program will be given at the end of May 2017.

Location: The AlbaNova University center locates at the northern end of the KTH main campus, Stockholm (10 minutes walk from the subway station Tekniska Högskolan) Arlanda is the main airport in Stockholm. To come from Arlanda to Stockholm Central, you can take an air coach (Flygbussarna) or fast train (Arlanda express). The fare for a taxi from Arlanda to Stockholm is usually fixed and is around 500 kr (60 Euro).

Supported by The Swedish Research Council (VR), The Wenner-Gren foundation and KTH.

For any questions or inquiries please contact:
✉ Chong Qi (

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