1. Ultrafast-timing lifetime measurements in Ru-94 and Pd-96: Breakdown of the seniority scheme in N=50 isotones
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  3. G. Guidoboni et al. (JEDI Collaboration)

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  6. Superdeformed and Triaxial States in Ca-42
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  7. Odd–even staggering in neutron drip line nuclei
    S.A. Changizi, Chong Qi

  8. Evolving collective structures in the transitional nuclei W162 and W164
    D. T. Joss et al.
  9. Empirical residual neutron-proton interaction in odd-odd nuclei
    Zheying Wu, S. A. Changizi, and Chong Qi
  10. Excited states in the proton-unbound nuclide 158Ta
    R. J. Carroll et al.
  11. Lifetime measurements in 166Re: collective versus magnetic rotation
    H. J. Li, B. Cederwall, M. Doncel, et al.

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